Pickle & Rye’s Bloody Mary Starter Mix

Life is too short for mediocre cocktails. As Americans in London, we have seen far too many people throw together Tabasco and tomato juice and call it a Bloody Mary. This festive season, it’s time to step up your Bloody Mary game. While the drink itself originated at a bar called Harry’s in New York over 100 years ago, we here at Pickle & Rye we keep our own signature Bloody Mary recipe under our hats, held dear for over 10 years. Now that the season for boozy brunches is here, we think it’s time to spread the word on just how great this drink can be. This holiday season, gift friends and family their own personalized Bloody Mary Starter Mix and help us spread the gospel. Not only will you be able to avoid those nasty preservatives and bland flavours found in most pre-made grocery story mixes, you also probably have most of the ingredients already in your fridge! 

Easy to make, easier to drink: what’s not to love?  Find our start mix below as well as a recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary to print off and gift to your friends along with their mix,

Pickle & Rye Bloody Mary Starter Mix

*To be added to your favourite fresh tomato or vegetable juice, along with your favourite vodka

1 bottle (290ml) your favourite hot sauce

1 bottle (290ml) Worcestershire sauce

3 tablespoons fresh pureed horseradish

2 tablespoons celery salt

1 tsp. cracked pepper

½ tsp. salt

Mix together and jar. It can be kept in the fridge or room temp – these are all things that don’t need to be refrigerated!


Additional options

Now… if you want to get creative you could always add a dash of:

Olive juice

Pickle juice

Pickled dill, garlic or hot peppers

Lemon or lime zest

Your favourite spice (think things with HEAT!)

More than one type of hot sauce

(Ours contains a lot of this…..)

Once you have mixed together your starter mix, decant into smaller jars for gifts or keep in a 1 liter bottle in your fridge for your next weekend brunch.


Pickle and Rye’s Perfect Bloody Mary

Serves 1

Plenty of ice

1 tablespoon Starter Mix

25-35 ml vodka (or tequila make it a Bloody Maria)

Approx. 200ml fresh tomato or vegetable juice

Garnishes of your choice; pickles, olives, lemon slices, celery salt and freshly cracked black pepper

Fill a tall glass with plenty of ice. Pour over vodka or tequila, then a tablespoon of starter mix and give a quick stir. Fill the rest of the glass with tomato or vegetable juice, mix, garnish and serve!


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