An ode to American Food – So much more than just American Pie

red velvet

We love Lucy Loves! We met Lucy back in the days when a full dining room for a busy brunch was… an absolute dream. Lucy is local to Sheen and runs a food blog that started from friends always asking her for recipes! Lucy’s food is the kind we love to eat, and so we asked her to write a guest blog for us … because we all eat in the same language! Enjoy!

There are oh so many reasons why I love American food.
When I first started writing my food blog, Lucy Loves, I spent a vast amount of time drooling over Pinterest, seeking out new and exciting recipes. The majority of ones that caught my eye were from American sites. The stacks of pancakes, the huge, lavishly frosted cakes and the juicy burgers inspired me to stop reading and start eating. Pancakes, like my favourite plate-sized, butter-and-maple-syrup-topped Pickle & Rye speciality, are a great place to start. Diner staples like these can be enjoyed at all times of the day. Crispy bacon is a must. Blueberries dropped into the batter, an addition should I need to add one of my 5-a-day. It doesn’t matter how many I make, there’s never enough.
Fried Chicken is another top choice in my house, which is constantly filled with ever-hungry men. For me it has to be buttermilk-marinated, then fried in a batter seasoned with smoked paprika and served on a bed of waffles with a drizzle of sriracha maple syrup. Sweet and salty is so the way forward and I will be eternally grateful to the US of A for the introduction.  Served with creamed corn, studded with jalapeños and enriched with butter and cream. And while we’re on sides, some of the best creamed spinach I ever ate was in a New York steakhouse; I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since.
A first taste of burgers via a well-known chain as a child was enough to start a life-long admiration for the all beef patties, melting cheese and the never shared gherkin. Fries are a must; thin and crispy for me, if you please. While we’re on the subject of meat, let us not forget the old fashioned joys of meatloaf. Not the grey affairs I endured as a child, but great big tray sized, crispy edged meat loaves, topped with a lake of ketchup and brown sugar-based sauce.
Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes & Crispy Bacon – Click Here
Fried Chicken & Wafflesclick here
red velvet
Red Velvet Cake – Click Here

Oh and the bakes. The peanut butter and jam slice, another Pickle & Rye in house staple, with its sweet, soft base and an abundance of jam (*or jelly, but not in the British sense of the word*). On my website, Lucy Loves, the most popular cake recipe is my red velvet cake, with its generous layers of cream cheese icing, also an American classic I have adopted as my own. The RVC is always such a crowd pleaser with its soft texture, hint of chocolate and beautiful colour. A chocolate brownie also is made once every 2 days in our house, swirled with salted caramel, packed with chocolate chips or even topped with coffee buttercream. They never last long in the treat tin, served in lunch boxes or at school sporting events.

I hope I’ve inspired you with my indulgent and comforting, American-inspired musings. If your mouth’s watering you can always call Pickle and Rye for the best taste of the US in London, or try some of my American-inspired bastardisations at Either way, it’s tons cheaper than a long haul flight.

Lucy x


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